Friday, February 25, 2011

T-Shirt Time....!

These are the Customized T-Shirts that we are having made for the Troop.
They say our Troop Number and Location on them.

The price is very inexpensive. $10 per shirt.
However, since we really would like all the girls to have one for camping and trips and the Awards Ceremony on March 1st, if you order one per Girl Scout, the Troop will pay 1/2 of the price. So, your price on March 1st would be $5 for a Customized Shirt {Girl Scout Shirt I should add, because they can be pricey!}
I will definetely be putting my order in for my Girls and even one for me...can't beat those prices!

*Update: They are here and were passed out at the last meeting. If you need yours please let Troop Leader Sandy know. There are extras as well!*

BTW...We ordered these shirts from Patch
You email her an idea of what you want, then she designs something and emails it back to you to proof.

Cookie Time....!

Cookies will be in Saturday, February 26th...!
We will keep you posted on our pickup time. The pickup time is 4:15 pm. The Cookie Cupboard is in Wasco, so that's where we'll have to pick them up from.
Our Troop is going to need a whole lot of help. Trucks and Minivans Wanted!
We will take them back to Amanda's house and sort them all out for you to take.

Monday, February 21, 2011

2nd Awards Ceremony...!

Our next Girl Scout Meeting isn't a's our 2nd Awards Ceremony!
Come Celebrate and see your Girl receive her Badges and Patches from the past couple of months.
Tuesday, March 1st at 6:15pm at Golden Oak Elementary
You are welcomed to bring your family members to see this joyous occassion.

We have one more Awards Ceremony after this one for the year. It will be our Big Bridging Ceremony to honor the girls for the year and also celebrate the Girl Scouts that are bridging over to a new troop. Please make sure your girls are present for the meetings and activities to get all your badges and patches.
See you next week for the Ceremony!

Keep Your Peepers Open For...

It's almost time for Cookies to be in!
Tell your family and friends to expect to get their cookies in and pay from February 28-March 4th.
We'll know more on the exact time any day now....
Put a black line on your cookie orders from when you pre-sold and then keep selling those cookies.
We have so many fun things in store from this fundraiser for the summer. Calendar for the summer will hopefully be out by the next meeting, it's just hard to finalize events when most businesses keep telling us to reserve or book places in May for the summer.
Eekkk!! Cookies are almost here...!
Busy, busy time!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Photo Packet Pick-Up....!

We completely apologize for your Photo Packets not being ready by the time the dance was over. Rotten Luck, I guess! The Photo Machine broke. It should be fixed by Monday.
So, please pick up your Father-Daughter Dance Photo Packets this Tuesday, February 15th at 6:15 pm. Golden Oak Elementary {By Catholic Church on Lerdo Hwy} Cafeteria.
We will be having our Girl Scout Meeting still.
If your girl is not in GS, we will have them all ready for you!

Father-Daughter Dance Photos..!

There is nothing in this entire world that was as cute as watching the men in these girls lives dance with them...!
I will have that memory embedded inside of me forever ...and I am sure the girls will too.
These men are completely and utterly awesome.
They both tickets, they dressed up, they fed the girls, they took pictures, they danced with them and were there for them.
Inspiring parents where we live...!
Our Theme for the Dance was Princess.
Planning this dance with my Leaders was stressful and tiring but competely worth it...!
Us Leaders think that our community and families deserve a great night of memories.
Thank You to all the Daddy's and Grandpa's and their Princesses!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Growing Volunteers.

How to Grow a Girl Scout Volunteer
First plant seven rows of P's:
Promptness, perseverance, preparation, participation, presence, purity, and performance.

Next, plant three rows of squash:
squash unfairness, squash criticism, squash indifference

Then plant seven rows of lettuce:
1) Let us delegate responsibility
2) Let us give assistance whenever necessary
3) Let us recognize the importance of pooling ideas and
encourage full and free ideas
and encourage full and free discussion before decisions are made.
4) Let us appreciate and respect the attitudes of other people
5) Let us encourage cooperation
6) Let us arrive in advance of scheduled meetings,
with all materials needed
7) Let us be prepared

No garden is complete without turnips:
Turn up for meetings
Turn up with enthusiasm
Turn up with new ideas
Turn up with a smile

The harvest is one terrific Girl Scout Volunteer

Thursday, February 3, 2011


We are completely and utterly SOLD OUT on tickets...!

Friday, February 4th is the last day to buy Father-Daughter Dance tickets!
It's going to be so much fun....!
Get your tickets now by calling 303-4890.

Thank you so much to the Shafter Community and the surrounding communities for the support of the Father-Daughter Dance!
We are SOLD OUT as of a couple of days ago.
We had such an overwhelming response to Fathers wanting to make memories with their Daughters. Our community is so wonderful.
You never know, if all goes well...we might be posting a 2nd Annual Father-Daughter Dance {wink!}


Last meeting, our craft time consisted of a couple simple Valentine Crafts.
I thought I would post them because it's kind of fun doing crafts with the family and also I've been getting some Girl Scout Troop Leaders commenting me on my other family blog.
This first Craft is a Lollipop Flower.
*BTW...these are both Dollar Tree finds. Everything is from the Dollar Store.
The first craft uses only tissue paper, floral tape and a lollipop.
 I had cut the tissue paper in circles ahead of time. The girls got 3 circles per flower.
 Have them push the Lollipop through all tissue papers.
They then need to crumble up the tissue to make a full flower.
 We used floral tape for the stick part. Honestly, next time....I'm just going to use tape to make the tissue paper hold up. The girls had a very hard time with the floral tape. Live and learn...right?
 The next Valentine Craft looked like a Heart Flower.
Double Sided Tape, Lollipops, and Construction Paper all from the Dollar Store. The yarn was from our pumpkin project in October.
 Have the girls make 2 hearts. One bigger than the other. They also used decorative scissors for the bigger one to give it a cute touch!
{Many of the girls had a hard time cutting maybe drawing them out with pencil would help for next time?}
 They used the Double Sided Tape to adhere them together.
One piece of tape was put on the littler heart in the front to stick the lollipop.
 Tie your ribbon or green yarn to the stick to make it look like leaves...!
Cute right?
All the Troops can do these very easily...and not be bored.