Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Top Secret Mission.

Girl Scouts that have signed up for camp.
You have been selected for a special mission.
It's Top Secret.

Each person should have received a message that has special instructions on it.

You all have different Tasks and Things to bring...depending upon various circumstances and abilities.

You are to bring....
Sleeping Bag, Toothbrush, Pajamas, Water Bottle, Flashlight and Sturdy Shoes

There are no other Tasks for you...just because you are the cutest little agents ever!

Everyone else, if you complete your Tasks...you shall earn your Badges.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mother-Daughter TEA

Our First Annual Mother-Daughter Tea was put on the weekend after Mother's Day.
The Mothers and Grandmother's and Daughter's from our Troop came together for some lunch, tea, games and memories with each other.
There is nothing more special than bonding with these girls...! They will cherish these memories forever...!
  These were all the pictures that I had of the Tea.
 If any of you have some that you would like to share, I would appreciate it....especially for my scrapbooks...!
Thank you to the special ladies in our Girls lives...!


For our last ceremony, we decorated the Food Table with some Pinwheels.
I just thought they looked Rainbow-y and fun.
They are super duper easy to make and great for any occasion...!
Start off with your scrapbook paper or cardstock and cut it into a square, or for a giant one leave it the size of the paper which is 12 X 12.  The one below was cut into 8 X 8.
 Next make a Criss Cross design like an X covering your paper with a ruler.
 Cut your X on the lines, but leave the middle in tact. Do not cut the middle....!
 These are not my hands obviously...! LOL Noe was helping...!
Take every other corner and fold it in to the middle.
 Put a Pin threw the middle if you want it to spin.
For the Awards, I just used a cute Brad and tapped a dowel to the back for a decoration.
 To spin, put an eraser on the back to stick the pin threw.
 It could also be a pencil with an eraser to stick it into the ground. This will make it spin...!
 How easy and cute are they to make?!
The girls can make them easily. They are fun for party decorations as well.


Troop #2447 had their last Award Ceremony for the year.
We did a Rainbow Theme.
It was a fun theme. We had Rainbow Streamers everywhere and Balloons.
Parents brought Rainbow themed Cupcakes and Cookies, etc... loved it.
We had 16 girls that Bridged over into another Troop that night.
Awe....our babies are growing up...! {OK...don't want to embarrass them too much!}
These are some of our Daisy Girl Scouts...looking adorable.
Aayliyah, Alicia and Haven getting their Awards.
Some of our Brownie Troop up on stage receiving their Awards and Recognition.
It was the Junior Girl Scouts turn to go up on stage....such a wonderful group of young ladies.
Perfect Attendance Awards...and they were all there...what do you know?!
We started our Bridging Ceremony.
Our Troop had Daisies, Brownies and Juniors Bridging.
These girls ROCK....!
Troop #2447 on our very last award ceremony, for our very first year of Girl Scouts...!
It was such an amazing year with these young ladies. Each one of them has unique qualities and special abilities that I know they are going to go places when they are older...!

Monday, May 16, 2011


by Laura Hollenzer

Perhaps when she came home today you asked, "What did you do at Girl Scouts?"
When she replied, "Nothing but play", you were filled with doubts!
The weeks went by, you asked again, still she had no craft to show.
Then you began to wonder, why didn't they glue or sew?

For after all, it's dues each week, and driving here and there.
The uniform, permission slips, and cookie sale to share!
Ah... but she brought home much better things, that no glue or craft could make.
If only to lend a helping hand, when needed for someone's sake.

You see, although we think of Girl Scouting now, it really isn't "today"!
It's the Girl Scouting for tomorrow, and to help them explore a new way.
It's the caring, sharing, learning, growing, the Golden Rule is our thumb.
For she'll be the one with the helping hand, in the future years to come.

So, when she comes home the next time please, you can rest with a brand new start.
For the craft that she brought home today, is molded in her heart.

Monday, May 9, 2011


For the girls Art To Wear Badge, they made some flip flops out of fabric.
They got to show off their Art Work by doing a little Fashion Show.
Our girls are the biggest Diva's out there...!
Aren't they characters?