Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bronze Awards....!

Our Juniors from last year, earned their Bronze Awards over the summer....!
The Bronze Award is one of the most distinguished awards in Girl Scouts.
The highest is Gold, then Silver, then Bronze.
In order to achieve this Award, Troop Leader Amanda first had them complete a Journey Badge.
After that, she talked with the Girls and asked who would want to take intiative and earn it.
They had to come up with a Service Project that was dear to their hearts. Something that they were interested in....and they came up with helping the local Animal Shelter.
Each of these Juniors, raised money throughout the year.
They then went together and purchased items for the shelter.
Another day, they went to deliver these treats for the Animals....!

And this Car Magnet is adorable...just threw it in this post. Thinking if my Daughter gets her Bronze Award this year with Mrs. Amanda, I want it...!
Great job to Citlali, Marie, Elizabeth and Lilyana....!
You girls made a difference. It may not seem much, but everything you do for someone makes a difference. Those animals and the people at the Shelter appreciate the kindness and treats.
Good Job Leader Amanda for teaching these girls about making an impact and taking the time to do this project with them...!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Am In Need Of.....

For our next Meeting on October 2nd, I need a parent that has a video camera to come record our Cadettes making a movie.
I would need you to show them how to work the video camera so they can learn.
If you are willing, let me know.
If we need tapes or whatever your camera uses......let me know as well.

This is a serious Badge because we never of our girls can be the next Steven Spielberg....but girl version.
You would need to stick around at least until 7...then we are going to craft.
Thank you in advance for volunteering your time. I'm twisting your arm here parent...! LOL Which I shouldn't because you all are willing anyways. Love my Troop...!

*Update: Alexis' Mom responded right away. She is going to help.
But if anyone has any cute ideas for our Movie Badge...I'm all ears. I've never done the Cadettes before and totally not liking the homeworky feel of the older girls Badges....feeling like scrapping it and doing my own thang. If I'm bored, the girls, I'm sure will be bored! Just a thought I'm having....seeing if I can liven up our meetings :) They deserve it!

Fall Fundraiser....!

It's that time of year...!
We are NUTS about NUTS and CANDIES...!
We are taking Orders for our Fall Fundraiser until October 8th.
So, please get your Orders In.
They have alot of deliciousness this year.
Our Fall Products Chair is Jennifer Hill.
If you have any questions, her email is
Of course, THANK YOU to Jennifer. THANK YOU to our loyal customers and family. THANK YOU to our community.
You make fundraisers alot more FUN!


Troop Leader Carolen had the Brownies get to know each a bit at the first meeting.
They talked about what they did this Summer...filled out their Summer Thrill Charts if they hadn't done so already and made these adorable S.W.A.P.S.
They then went around to the different Troops and handed them out.
This Lollipop is so simple but adorable...!
Basically, what our Troop is doing on S.W.A.P.S....
We have a box that has 2 different SWAP Materials in it.
Whenever one of our Troops has time or finishes early....they get to work on some SWAPS.
These will be handed out at all the Council and Other Troop Events that we go to, so we're not empty handed.
I like this because the girls aren't standing around wasting time when done early. It's a great idea from my Leaders...!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

About Me {Amanda Jaime}

Amanda is one of our Troop Leaders for #2447.
She is our Treasurer. Was our Products Chair. Is our Junior Leader. Basically, does it ALL...!
I have the HARDEST job in the world....stay at home mommy to Lilian (9), Victor Daniel (5). My hubbie, Victor and I have been married for 8 years. I ♡ being Juniors Girl Scout Troop Leader!!!
My Favorites
Movie....Yours, Mine, & Ours With Lucile Ball & Henry Fonda
Disney Princess....Cinderella
Color....I Black heart (cards)Black heart (cards)Black heart (cards) Purple
Birthday....June 23, 1982
Food....A good hamburger w/ fries & a coke will do for this girlie
Flower....All of them, even though I couldn't grow a flower to save the planet
T.V. Show....Greys Anatomy & How I Meet Your Mother
Past read books

Troop Crest.

Last Meeting we VOTED on our Troop Crest.
Each of us Troop Leaders picked one Crest.
I made up ballot sheets {with words and pictures for Daisies} and they got to choose which one they felt best represented our Troop.
I totally forgot to announce the Crest Winner after we celebrated our September Birthdays....
scroll down...
Winner is.....
Shooting Star Troop Crest.
Shooting Stars are rare, unexpected and beautiful!
Choosing this symbol means that you are like a shooting star- a team that lights up the world!
It is unanimous.!
If you are buying a new uniform this year like both of my girls are....they both Bridged up last may buy the Shooting Star Troop Crest to put on your uniform. I printed out uniform pictures and stuck them in your files last meeting. Use them if you need help knowing where to place the Crest.
I have to admit, I wanted the Lightning Bolt....but when I think of our girls, I think the meaning behind the Shooting Star really suits them well.
I know they are Rare. I don't expect anything less from them than changing the world...!

Monday, September 3, 2012

End Of Summer Pool Party....!

The END of SUMMER Pool Party can only mean one thing....
Girl Scout Meetings are starting back up soon...!
It was a gazillion degrees that day, so I am so happy we rented the pool....!
I made these Sushi's....didn't want to bake in 100 degree weather.
Thank you so much to Leader Amanda for putting the Pool Party together.
The dinner was delicious. She brought homemade Nacho Supremes :) Great idea. She just had her Warmers and Crock Pots with the Cheese, Meat and Beans.
Each family in the Troop brought a dessert or side dish.
We even had leftover drinks that she saved for our Parent Meeting to follow shortly after.
It  was a great time...!
Can't wait until next summer....or maybe I can because the girls grow up so fast...!