Sunday, February 24, 2013

Thank You Tags.

Cookies are IN....!
I made these Tags for my Cookie Boxes.
I'll be nice and share my creations. {smile}
All you have to do is right click and save these pictures to your computer and print.

Let's get PUMPED up about selling Cookies...!

Girl Scouting Around The World 2013

Girl Scouting Around The World was this weekend {formerly known as World Thinking Day.}
If you have never been, basically what happens is....Troops each get assigned a Country that they pretend they are from. We each get our own Booth. So all the Countries around the world are represented in one place. The girls "travel" to each Country with a Passport. They get to learn about the country, taste a food sample, make a craft, etc....and get their Passport stamped.
Our Country this year was Norway.
This was our Display Board.
Leader Becky told me to call the Norwegian Embassy.
I did, and they sent us this map..catalogs...facts...flags...pins. The Embassy hooked us up..!
Thank you...!
 Norwegians eat alot of Black Licorice...otherwise known as Salted Licorice and Swedish Fish.
So, the Daisies and Brownies made 150 baggies with those candies in them to hand out.
Leader Carolen was in charge of coming up with a S.W.A.P.
We had these Postcards from Norway. On the back is a photo of a mountain with Snow.
Super Cute...!
 From the top of the booth was snowflakes hung all around.
The banner in the front that said Norway was made out of Doillies.
I am so biased but if there was an award for Banners and Fact Science Boards....we would get #1 place every year. I'm proud of our small details. {smile}
 The girls in Norway...!
My husband painted the backdrop.
I think it made the booth.
 Snowballs and snow everywhere...!
 The craft was a Scandinavian Hat with piggy tail braids hanging down.
It was fun to see Girl Scouts wearing them while walking around.
 Lilian in the Flag Ceremony.
Leader Amanda bought and made the Girl Scout Uniforms that they wear in Norway.
What happens is...they have the same shirt for each Troop and they just change the color of the scarf as they get older.
It seems most countries wear clothing from their culture. I thought the objective was to show what it is like as a Girl Scout in other Countries...that's why we have them wear the GS attire.
 Maelyn holding a Flag. 
 Patience participating in the Flag Ceremony.
Girl Scouting Around The World is a great event for all the Troops and Council.
I look forward to it every year...!
Our Troop got a Ribbon for Honorable Mention.
I am proud and content. Most Troops don't get Ribbons.
The event is exhausting to put together... LOL .....but the girls have a blast...!
Thank you to all the Leaders and Parents and Girls and Husbands that helped with the event..!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


For Girl Scouting Around The World, our country this year is Norway.
We have one more meeting to talk and learn about Norway. In the meantime, I told the girls I would give them a treat if they research and fill out the paper in their file folders on Norway.
Maybe some of this will help?



Capital: Oslo
Norway is located in Northern Europe, bordering the North Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean.
Map of Norway Languages: Bokmal Norwegian (official), Nynorsk Norwegian (official) small Sami- and Finnish-speaking minorities. Norwegian basic phrases.
Norway is home to some 30,000 Sami, or Lapps, the largest population of the Arctic reindeer herders. Industries: Metals, pulp and paper products, chemicals, shipbuilding, and fishing are t traditional industries of Norway. Norway's emergence as a major oil and gas producer in the mid-1970s transformed the Norwegian economy.
Norway - Industry
Major milestones in Norway history.

In the north and mountains are reindeer, polar fox, polar hare, wolf, wolverine, seals, walruses, and polar bears. In the south, are moose, deer, fox, and otter.


Norway is cold with snow covering most parts of the
country during the winter months.


Munch Museum
Learn about the life and paintings of Edvard Munch.


The people of Norway are spread out in small towns and communities. Three-fifths of Norway is covered my mountains. Norway is dominated by high mountains, farmlands in the valleys, fishing villages, and fjords. Fjords are narrow inlets of the sea between cliffs or steep slopes. Click here for pictures of fjords in Norway.
In the north, is a vast region of fjords, mountains, islands, and the Svalbard archipelago (video). In the south is rolling farmlands, beaches, and the Western Fjords.
Further north and above the Arctic Circle you will find the land of the Midnight Sun. Where the sun shines day and night for part of the summer.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Snowman Game

Our Troop consists of Daisies through Cadettes and next year we are adding a Senior Troop for our Cadettes that are Bridging.
We all show up to the same meeting, same time....then after 15 minutes go into our own Troops then meet back up together.
When they get there, I usually have an activity to do with them while they wait for others to show up.
This day I thought Snowmen might make a fun game.
What they did was....
We split them into two teams.
Each team picked one girl to be the Snowwoman.
Before hand, we had scattered 1 scarf, 1 ear muff, 1 pair of mittens, 1 beanie and 3 rolls of toliet paper per team around the cafeteria.
Each team together had to find one of each of those. Then they had to run back together and make a Snowwoman.
The first team done and unrolled all the toliet paper around their Snowwoman....won...!
*Of course you can always tweek it however you want. I literally was working out the details that day and as we were playing. 


This past weekend we had a Workshop going on at my house.
The Council offers Journey Workshops for the three littler Troops but not for Cadettes.
Our GS Troop decided against doing Journeys at our Meetings. We do badges only and encourage them to go to the Journey Workshops offered by Council. However, since there are no workshops for Cadettes and they need a Journey in order to do their Silver Award....I decided to put a Workshop on for them.
Our Brownie Leader Carolen, wanted to do some "Extra" Badges with her Troop because there is no way to get through all those badges. So, Brownies joined us.
It worked out perfectly.
The Journey we did was Breathe: It's Your Planet- Love It!
I did half of the Lessons with the girls on Sound and Scents.....we did some noisy activities and relaxing activities and had scentsy stations set up to smell. We made our own lotion for smell and a bath bag with natural herbs to put into our bath water to relax.
 My husband who is the air expert...took over the second half of the Lessons doing science experiments and teaching them about the air and why it does what it does.
 While we were working, the Brownies worked on their Snack Badges and made the Cadettes snacks and the most delicious punch. Then later they also decorate cupcakes for us and milk. Which was perfect since our workshop was three hours long.
Brownies achieving their Snack Badge. 
 Aren't these cute?
 Brownies also worked on their Senses Badge.
Here they are blindfolded smelling things...!
 For the Cadettes LIA {Leadership In Action} they had to teach the Brownies a skill or work with them on a project.
Since it was Groundhog's Day, they got to show them how to make a Groundhog's Day Treat to take home.
My Junior...she lives with me so she got to make a Groundhog {smile}
Carolen's daughter is Junior they got to hang out. They put a sign on the bedroom door that said "Juniors Only!"
Honestly, this was one of the most fun days I've had with my girls. It was on a smaller scale then I'm used to with 42 girls in our was more intimate. We got to use a kitchen and just have fun.
I liked it alot. I am hoping to do the other 2 Journeys with them as well...! Didn't want to promise anything ahead of time in case the Workshop didn't work out.
Thank you to all who attended. Thanks to Leader Carolen who planned and organized and bought alot of this way cool stuff...!

Friendship Bracelets.

Little Gifts for our Girl Scouts from the Leaders......
"Our Troop Would KNOT Be The Same Without You!"
*And if your husband is an outdoor person like mine, he will go into the various situations you can use these type of KNOTS.

Cookie Rally 2013

Cookie Rally 2013...!
Pure excitement....!
 And was our girls that requested Thriller and Gangnam Style.
I think with all our Father-Daughter Dances....they are waaaayyy to comfortable dancin in public...!
The Cookie Rally pumped us up for selling cookies....!
My three girls have so much fun during cookie season.
They ran on adrenaline all night.


We desperately needed a Troop Banner....and fortunately we have Leader Carolen in our Troop.
She is super creative and can sew like a professional...!
This was her finished Banner....!
I think it's the cutest Banner I've ever seen...of course I'm biased.
The girls LOVE it..! It's Diva and Cute.
When she brought it to the meeting to show us... the girls that came early, got so excited they wanted to take a picture...hence this cell phone photo.
It has rings on the back top to put a pipe through for parades.
We have been using it for boothing.
 It is just perfect....!