Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Whoooo Loves Cookies?

The City of Shafter loves their Girl Scout Cookies.
Cookie Boothing was a complete success this year.
Thank you to the parents, Leader Amanda, the community and the girls for all your hard work.
Cookie Season is bringing the girls some wonderful upcoming opportunities.

Thank Whoooo for all your support...!

Nut Incentives....!

Guess what has finally made it here?!
You guessed it....our Nut Incentives...!
At our next meeting April 5th, I will pass out all the Nut Incentives to the girls that sold in the Fall Fundraiser.
My girls are enjoying their incentives...their monkeys, necklaces, patches....what fun...!
*If you were absent during the meeting, please get with Troop Leader Bobbi to get your prizes.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Garden Award Ceremony...!

In March, we celebrated our Second Award Ceremony for our troop.
Troop Leader Becky was in charge of the ceremony.
She did a Garden Theme.
The girls have done such a great job earning all their badges and patches. We are so proud of them...!

Thank you...!
Our next and last Award Ceremony for this year will be in May.
We will also celebrate the girls that will be Bridging over to an older Troop.
Great job to all the parents and girls...!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Seven Days of Dais-ies.

I have to say that we love our Daisy Troop. The youngest of all the Girl Scouts...and so cute!
I thought this poem was really fun to read to my daughter, who is a Daisy.

Girl Scout Week...Seven Daisies

      My name is Sun-Daisy,
      And we're here to speak
      About Juliette Low
      And Girl Scout week.
      Just before the Civil War
      Juliette was born
      In Savannah, Georgia
      One October morn.
      Daisy was her nickname
      Throughout her living days.
      She loved games and writing
      And performing in plays.
      When Daisy grew up,
      She worked with Girl Guides.
      Her first troop was in Scotland
      With seven girls by her side.
      Daisy sailed to America;
      March 12 was the day
      She started a troop
      Called Girl Scouts U.S.A.
      Eighteen girls met with Daisy
      Very eager to start
      To make uniforms and badges
      Each doing her part.

      Juliette spoke the Law
      For all Girl Scouts to learn
      And told of requirements
      For badges they could earn.

      The troop went on hikes
      Along nature trails
      Watching birds of all kinds
      And recording details.
      Sports were important
      To keep the girls fit.
      Basketball was the first game
      To become a big hit.
      Daisy told the girls of camping
      Under stars shining bright.
      Destination-Camp Lowlands
      The first Girl Scout campsite.
      For the rest of her life
      Daisy spread the word 'round
      To millions of girls
      In town after town.
      Shortly after her death
      A World Friendship fund began
      To honor this grand lady
      And her work through the land.
      Each year we join
      In a friendship celebration
      With Girl Scouts 'round the world
      And with great dedication.
      We'll remember Juliette Low
      Of whom we will speak,
      For we're proud to be Girl Scouts
      Each day of the week.


Come Down and Support Troop #2447 of Shafter.
We are boothing at Fastrip on Lerdo Hwy.
Come and purchase some delicious Girl Scout Cookies...!

Boothing Dates and Times for the Month of March

Saturday the 5th: 12-8 pm
Sunday the 6th: 12-6 pm
Saturday the 12th: 12-8 pm
Sunday the 13th: 12-6 pm
Saturday the 19th: 12-8 pm
Sunday the 20th: 12-6 pm
Saturday the 26th: 12-8 pm
Sunday the 27th: 12-6 pm