Friday, June 22, 2012

NOT So Bummer Summer.

Last summer, our theme was Mission Impossible.  We had given you girls a bunch of Mission Impossible Events to go to.
This summer we decided that us leaders need a vacation {smile} and we are just doing one big event {Knott's Berry Farm} and our End-of-Summer Pool Party again at the public pool that we rented. 
However, I want you girls to have a NOT SO Bummer Summer....!
In the mail was a bunch of fliers that I sent you, one in particular was a Summer Thrill Point Chart.
I was going Googling FOREVER on a Chart like Judy Moody's that I can just print out....then decided to make my own for the Troop with Rollercoasters and Thrilling pictures :)
In each of the squares, fill in something cool you did this summer.
It could be swimming, an art project, trying a new restaurant, going to the park...anything that you did that you think was fun or thrilling.
Write it in one of the squares.
When our meetings start up in September, bring it back and share your Thrilling Summer with the Troop...!
You will get a THRILLING treat...!

*Make sure to get your slip for Knott's Berry Farm in by July 1st.
The Girl Scouts are FREE however, we are requiring a deposit check. The morning of the trip we will give it back.  If you do not go and we had already paid for your ticket, we will deposit the check.
Our Troop is WAY to huge to pay for events and not have girls show up. 
We are printing our financials up to give at the first meeting to parents. 
If family members are going, they need to pay us the money for the ticket to get the group rate.
It is going to be so much fun...! 

Painting Traffic Signal Boxes....!

One Friday night at 8 pm, I got a message saying to have our older girls out in Shafter by 8 am the next morning. I text everyone really fast to see who could make it out there on short notice. You know? It's Summer and everyone is on vacay...!
These were the girls that showed up to paint the Traffic Signal Box on Lerdo Hwy.
They helped in painting the "Colours" mural on the Signal Box with an artist in town.
It was actually super fun and interesting.  I was worried about the girls out there in the sun for hours and hours, but the time flew by because we learned so much.
The City Councilwoman who put this together, came out to encourage them and the Mayor even came out.  They brought the girls water and put traffic cones around them so they don't get ran over...!
The next Traffic Signal Painting date isn't set yet and I really hope it's not last minute again, but I was told that the younger girls might be able to help this next time since it's supposed to be handprints painted all around the box.
It was alot of fun and I cannot wait to do the next one.
It is neat seeing that in town...!

Tulare Jamboree Weekend...!

A few of our girls in Troop #2447 headed out to Tulare for the Girl Scout Jamboree.
Annabella's family actually camped out there the entire weekend.
My girls headed up there on that Friday for the Thomas Fiss concert. It was Patience's birthday that day, so she wanted to see the concert.
Sky and her Mom came on Saturday to join in some activities.
It was our Mother-Daughter Tea weekend unfortunately, so most of our Troop didn't go.
The Council did a great set-up with this event though.
The Jamboree was a fun time for all the Girl Scouts...!

Mother-Daughter Tea.

Our Mother-Daughter Tea was at Park Place in Shafter this year.
It was such a gorgeous venue.
The owners were extrememly gracious to our budget...and to think I almost didn't call them because it is such an up-scale venue.
Troop Leader Carolen helped me with the entire process. We wanted to have a traditional high tea this year, so she had her Aunt meet with us who has been to a ton of them and told us exactly what they eat and what they do at "high teas."
We had traditional foods: sandwiches, fruit, veggies, desserts...and of course tea.
We kept it very simple but fancy.
 The girls made coursages for their Mom's.
We talked about manners again of course...! {I'm such a stickler on manners!}
We gave away door prizes.
I think we pulled off the Tea. Unfortunately, the weather was a bit warm which made it hard on the food. We can't really control that.  You live and learn. Jotted down some pointers for next year. Hopefully, they keep getting better and better.
I am so grateful to all the ladies in our Girl Scouts lives. 
Thank you for coming and making those memories....!
I know the girls seem so grownup and think it's nonchalant, but they talk about these events with us and how they love when their families come...!
Thank you to Carolen and all the other people that helped gather tea cups, bring cake and everything else that was done....not by me alone at all.  Everything is put together by our wonderful Troop. 

Bridging Over.

We had quite the amount of girls Bridging into a new Troop for the next year. 
It's always exciting for the girls to grow up and be more independent; to start a new troop and for us to get new girls.

Bridging from Daisies to Brownies
1. Abigail Goss
2. Arianna Mendez
3. Ashlee Perales
4. Britney Hill
5. Emilee Vanderpoel
6. Patience Camacho
7. Faith Serna

Bridging from Brownies to Juniors
1. Alicia Pompa
2. Ashley Gutierrez
3. Haven Lindsey
4. Jacqueline Leon
5. Kaitlyn Brown
6. Lilian Jaime
7. Madelyn Vanderpoel
8. Maelyn Camacho
9. Michaela Gonzales
10. Destiny Serna

Bridging from Juniors to Cadettes
1. Citlali Leon
2. Kekoa Witcher
3. Lilyana Villa

Congratulations to our Girl Scouts...!
This is a big moment in Girl Scouting and I cannot wait to see how they do this next year in an older Troop....!