Thursday, March 29, 2012

Forever Green Patch.

Steps to earn your Forever Green Patch!

Steps to get your Forever Green Patch:

1) Go to
2) Take the online pledge*.
3) Bring your incandescent light bulbs to Fresno or Bakersfield Council offices and we will replace them with energy efficient light bulbs.
4) Encourage everyone to turn off their lights from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM on Saturday March 31, 2012, on Earth Hour.
5) Complete your project within the month of March.6) Register to report your environmental impact at
You have earned your patch!

 *Our Council goal is for 3,000 people to take the Forever Green pledge by the end of the year. Please help us reach this goal by pledging online today! Every pledge helps us secure grant funding for at-risk girls to participate in Forever Green activities.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Birthday Bash Award Ceremony!!!!!!!

Our Theme for this Award Ceremony was Birthdays...!
It was the 100th year of Girl Scouts and we wanted to celebrate all of our Girl Scouts Birthdays as well.
Decorated just like a Birthday Party...!
Each family brought a Dessert to share...except the cupcakes.
Troop Leader Amanda, bought them from a Bakery.
Each girl got a cupcake with a candle and we all sang Happy Birthday to them...!
It was adorable.
One of my favorite themes...!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fresno's World Thinking Day...!


Annabella's Mom posted this on FB. It has our Girls at the very beginning and then our Booth at the 2 min mark...!
The results from the World Thinking Day Fresno was emailed out...we didn't win or come close. Sorry.
Now, we know what to do for next year since this was our first time. We can work on it all year...!

Troop #2447 SHIRTS

I will have our Troop Shirts on Sale at the Badge Ceremony.
I'm not sure what sizes we have left. First come first serve. We're not ordering anymore of these ones.
Ordered these shirts from Patch

I'm so hoping to get some more shirts designed one day's on my To-Do List for GS.
Keep your peepers out for some UNIQUE and CUTE designs.

Birthday Bash...!

Our Original Plan this year was to celebrate each Girls' Birthdays each month....didn't happen.
SOOOOOO....since it's the 100th Birthday of Girl Scouts, we decided to have a GINORMOUS Birthday Bash.
We're going to celebrate each Girl Scouts Birthday for the Year as well as the 100th Birthday of Girl Scouting. Totally awesome and confusing. Everyone is going to be celebrating their birthday for the year!

Next Meeting, is our Second Award Ceremony and the Birthday come totally cute-fied.
Tuesday, March 20th.
Be prepared to be on a sugar high.
Invite your parents and siblings.
Have some fun....!

*BTW...Bring me your signed rules if you have not. Ka-pech?!


It's OFFICIAL...from this year forward in the City of Shafter, March 12th will be forever known as Girl Scout Day...!
I think it's totally fabulous.
Our Troop was given the opportunity to accept a Plague with this Proclamation at a City Council Meeting.
I really love our Troop. I do. I think everyone is so amazing.
I've looked into other Troops since I've moved to be honest....and keep traveling the distance because there is just something incredible about the opportunities we provide, the learning they do, the people.
March 12 is Girl Scout Day.
These girls do so much.
The community can see it. We appreciate them.
2012 is the Year of the Girl...and I know...these girls are going places...!


Just for Funsies....Random spur of the moment pictures because I forgot my camera was still in my purse from an event earlier that day....
See....don't our meetings look fantabulous?!