Friday, July 29, 2011


Your missions for the Self Defense Class.......
Should you choose to accept your mission…you will earn…SELF DEFENSE PATCH. Good Luck Agent!

TASK – Come ready to learn.

- Bring something to drink.

Should you choose to accept your mission… you will earn… Try-it – SELF DEFENSE.
Good Luck Agent!

TASK – BUDDIES ARE BEST. One of your best defenses is to have a friend nearby. Think of situations where you should not go alone. Draw a picture of two of these times. Bring your picture to the self defense class to show your troop.

- Bring something to drink.

Should you choose to accept your mission… you will earn… Badge – SELF DEFENSE.
Both tasks must be done… Good Luck Agent!

TASK 1 – BUDDIES ARE BEST. One of your best defenses is to have a friend nearby. Think of situations where you should not go alone. Draw a picture of two of these times. Bring your picture to the self defense class to show your troop.

TASK 2 – SELF DEFENSE ONLINE. When you can’t see someone, it is easier for them to pretend to be someone they are not. Print out the Girl Scouts of the USA “Online Safety Pledge.” Discuss this with your parents or guardian and then sign it. Bring your signed pledge with you to the self defense class.

- Bring something to drink.


Should you choose to accept your mission… you will earn… IP Patch – YOUR BEST DEFENSE. All 3 tasks must be done… Good Luck Agent!

TASK 1 – Increasing your self-confidence can increase your sense of personal safety. Be prepared to share 2 ideas on how women and girls can increase their self-confidence at our self defense class.

TASK 2 – Explore the pros & cons of pepper spray, stun guns & other personal protections items. Be ready to share these pros & cons at our self-defense class.

TASK 3 – Survey your peers and family members. Ask them “Is carrying a gun for protection ever justifiable and, if so, when?”
- Bring something to drink.

please report to Stringham Park
August 2nd @ 3:45pm
(if you choose to accept).

Friday, July 22, 2011

Cupcake Class...!

I think our Cupcake Class was a blast...! But it could be just me?!
The girls paid the majority of their Wilton Cupcake Kits and the Troop Fund paid the rest.
I baked and donated the cupcakes and frosting.
 My girls loved it...decorating cupcakes with their girlfriends.
The weird thing was, they watch me decorate cakes all the time and they even help me...but I guess I never taught them the correct terminology and ways to hold it, etc. So, they loved how they learned what to do. Just realized that when we got home. They cleaned their piping bags and tips and were excited to use them again!
 They learned everything from beginning to end....!
How to cut a piping bag, they learned how to use three different tips, and got to decorate their own cupcakes afterwards.
 Thank you Jesus for Leaders that help with all the girls...!
 The girls did really good. Some of them, had it down packed.
They were all ages, so it was neat to see how they all learned.
 Kaitlyn actually asked me to take a picture of her and her cupcake...!
Lilian looking gorgeous....!
Veronica brought pizza, soda and goody bags for the girls for Alexis' birthday.... a little party for her.
It was a really fun night.
 Plus, these Wilton Girl Scout Kits came with a Patch. 
P.S. to save these pictures of your girls and Troop, right click and press save.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pajama Party.

The Pajama Party this weekend was really fun.
The theme was "Games."
There were certain things they had to do for their Missions at the party in order to get their Badges.
*All of our activities are geared towards earning a certain Badge...that is why they have things they need to do or bring for the Pajama Party.
When we arrived at Bonnie's house, the girls got busy right away playing Games.
 They are so hilarious with this game. Girls can get down dancing...!
 The neighbors friendly cat wanted to do Sidewalk Chalk with them...!
 In the evening, they had a Scavenger Hunt around the neighborhood asking the neighbors for certain things. One neighbor gave a team some nice DC Shoes. Yes, gave....!
 The Winning Scavenger Hunt Team...!
 Kaitlyn tells me I take too many pictures. So, I hid behind a pole and called her flash her with the camera....! Lub you Kaitlyn!
 One of their Missions was to bring a Sundae Topping.
 Taking a Sugar Break....!
 Michaela with Ice Cream all over her face...!
 Toliet Papering the neighbors house...!
The girls had a BLAST because it's Toliet Papering first of all....and it was a teacher couple that lived there.
*Don't worry, I talked with them before hand. The husband even suggested "forking" the lawn!
Great sports...!
 This neighborhood were all good sports about us making noise and a mess....!'ve never played Red Light, Green Light in the middle of the night in the street? {LOL}
For their Badges, the Cadettes and Juniors had to bring an Ice Breaker, Magic Trick or Card Trick.
Our 1st Pajama Party was a success....!
Thank you to all the girls and parents that came.
Thank you to Bonnie's family for putting up with us, helping, putting this together, and making it memorable.
Thank you to the leaders that helped.
Thank you to Amanda and Bonnie who stayed the night and took care of the girls. There are only a very few people that I trust with my kids and I'm so glad they are part of our lives...!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cupcake Class

Cupcake Class is scheduled for next Thursday, July 21st.
It will be held at The Youth Center at 6:30 pm.
Learn techniques, terminology, frosting recipes and more.

The kits need to be ordered by this Saturday at Noontime.
I need to have the money for each kit in advance. It's $5 per kit.
You may drop it off at my house, mail it or bring it to the pajama party tomorrow.
FYI...I know we're really lenient sometimes, but I just can't order extra kits. So, if I don't receive the money, your daughter will not have a kit. I'm sorry but it's a waste of money when they don't show up and we have bought everything for them. It just hurts the troop in the end.
Any questions or concerns, please get ahold of me because I want them to come. ~Bobbi

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pajama Party

Are you excited for our 1st Pajama Party for Girl Scouts....?
I sure am....! Who doesn't love a bunch of crazy girls and no sleep? {LOL}
When: Friday, July 15th-Saturday, July 16th
Time: 7 pm-7am
Where: Leader Bonnie's House {if you need directions, call us please}
Bring: Pajama's, Blanket, Pillow and Toothbrush

Missions to earn your Badges:

Cadettes: 1. Bring a Dessert to share.
2. Bring an Ice Breaker Game {a warm-up game or questions to get to know each other}

Juniors: 1. Bring a Dessert to share.
2. Bring a Magic Trick or Card Trick.

Brownies: 1. Bring a $2 Sundae Topping {M&M's, Sprinkles, Gummi's, etc}

Daisies: 1. Bring a $2 Sundae Topping {Caramel, Candy, etc.}

Sandy and Bonnie have been working hard on this Party...!  I can't wait to see you all....! A couple weeks without you girls seems crazy....!

*On a side Note: If you signed up for the Cupcake Class next week, you will be getting a call from me. I need your money in advance for the cupcake kits please.  Thanks...!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Calling all Wizards....!


Date: Thursday, July 14, 2011
Place: GSCCS council office located at 1931 Brundage Lane
Time: 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Cost: $5.00 person

Activities include:
1. Snacks &drinks (prepare by house elf) 
2. H.P. Trivia 
 3. Wand making 
4.  Sorting ceremony
Hogwarts is open to all register Girl Scout and their friends, families

Honey Dukes candy store will be open with sweet treats
We do hope you will be able to join us at this time for the celebration, since we expect great fun will be had by all in attendance.
Since the surrounding area is well protected by Memory Charms, it will be safe to wear normal wizard attire, but if you miss the Hogwarts Express or are unable to apparate and must come incognito by way of Muggle transportation, feel free to arrive dressed in the Muggle Manner.

After party you & your group will head off to the final midnight showing of;
You and your group are responsible for your own transportation and movie tickets Midnight showings are now on sale at local theaters

Owl Mail your RSVP and monies to: 2123 Corrientes street, Bakersfield, CA 93306
Registration deadline: July 9, 2011
If you are unable to reply in the normal manner by owl, please reply to Helen 

We are looking forward to your arrival at Hogwarts.
Mrs. Helen Alonzo
Ambassador Headmistress
Girl Scouts Division- Hogwarts Academy