Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bridging Ceremony...!

 Can you believe the year is over already?
Our first year as Troop #2447.
Wow! Takes my breath away how fast the years fly by.
Tuesday, May 17th at 6:00 pm will be our very last Award Ceremony for the year. It is also a Bridging Ceremony. Bridging means that there are girls that are Bridging over into the next Troop over the summer. The girls Bridging are....
Daisies Bridging Into Brownies
1. Alessandra
2. Mia
3. Emma
4. Alexis
5. Araceli

Brownies Bridging Into Juniors
1. Emily
2. Aaliyah
3. Natalia
4. Marie
5. Violet
6. Maria

Juniors Bridging Into Cadettes
1. Sara
2. Serena
3. Felicity
4. Suzanna
5. Eunice

 All the Girls will get their Badges and Patches that they have earned since the last ceremony.
These Girls Bridging will get Extra Badges that go onto their next sash for their next Troop.

 There will be refreshments to follow after the Ceremony.
You may also invite family members to come join in the celebration.

After the Ceremony, we will be having RE-REGISTRATION for the following year.
We have a long waiting list of girls who want to join the troop.
To ensure your spot for next year, please bring your checkbook and sign up for the following year. You may also pay for registration with Cookie Money that will be given to you. For every 50 boxes you sold, you get $5 in Cookie Money to buy books, sashes, registration, etc.
We are taking registration only for those who were in it this year on May 17th. However, if you have a sibling who wants to join, there will be a list to sign them up on. We just need to ensure on that date, our Troop #2447 girls.
We will also be taking money to get the required books for next year, sashes, pins, etc......
Please save up....! It will save many trips into the GS Office.

Any questions, please contact Troop Leader Bobbi.

Mother-Daughter Tea.

In February, we honored our Daddy's with a Father-Daughter Dance.
Now, it's Mom's turn.
Saturday, May 14th is our First Annual Mother-Daughter Tea Party.
It will be at the Veteran's Hall in Shafter at 12 pm.
The tickets are $8 per person.
*This is open to our Troop only as it being our first year.

Come enjoy some alone time with your girls.
Eat a delicious meal. Play some games. Wear a cute outfit. Make some wonderful memories.
If you have any questions, please contact Leader Amanda. 
Tickets will be available next meeting.

Flip Flops....!

For next week's meeting on May 3rd, Brownies & Juniors ONLY need to bring a pair of Flip Flops.
Cheap flip flops are perfect for the project they are working on.
This is one of the requirements for their Badges.

Old Navy has some. Dollar Tree has some. Target has some.
Don't forget your sandals....!
Any questions, please contact Brownie Leader Sandy or Junior Leader Becky.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Girl Scout Leader Appreciation Day...!

It's the one day set aside to give a BIG Thank You to the leaders that work with the Girls throughout the year.
Troop #2447 has so many dedicated and wonderful leaders that truly have their hearts in the right place ready to keep this troop going, ready to be there for the parents and girls, and ready to go that extra mile.

Thank You to our Leaders....
Amanda, Sandy, Bonnie and Becky
for making this year really special for my girls and all the other girls.
We appreciate you so much...!

*Bobbi and Parents

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Earth Day...!

Earth Day is coming up on April 22nd.
Celebrate by making a pledge to do something to help save our Planet.
I found this cute printable for all you to use. Print and make a pledge.

Think of different ways to celebrate and spread awareness.
Recycle, conserve energy, walk, plant a garden, pick up trash.
Be a leader. Get your family involved. Get the community involved.
One girl, one person can make a difference!

Girl Scout Meeting Canceled...!

The April 12th Meeting was Canceled due to a Band Concert and numerous people were going to miss the Girl Scout Meeting..!

We will meet back on Tuesday, May 3rd for our final meeting of this year.
After that, will be our last award ceremony.
See you at 6:15 pm on the 3rd....!
Dress the girls in play-type clothes. They might be getting messy...!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Great American Cleanup 2011.

The weather was perfect, the atmosphere great, a wonderful day to clean up the Earth.
There is just something about helping the community that makes you feel so good.
Maybe it's the exercise? Maybe it's the job well done that made the streets look so nice afterwards?
This group of kids were so eager to help and loved every moment of it...!
Thank you for making the world a better place.
Let's all work together each and everyday to make a difference.
Recycle! Pick up trash! Conserve energy! Plant trees!
Thank you to all the parents that came out and helped.
Thank you to all the kids that worked so hard.
Thank you to the community with over 7,100 people that came together for the Earth.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Great American Cleanup

Update on the Great American Cleanup...!

Sorry to keep you all in suspense and then demand that I need all your info...it was a matter of life and death...ok so not that serious but it was a matter of not being able to do it if I didn't fax the papers asap.

It is scheduled for this Saturday April 9th.

I am wanting to meet at our location around 9 am.
We clean-up our task then meet at Yokuts Park for a BBQ, Games and more...maybe a Group Picture. The park part is over at 12 pm. 

The BBQ isn't required. You can leave anytime that you like. It is really fun though.

This Friday, April 8th please come to my house {Troop Leader Bobbi} anywhere after 4:30pm- 7:00pm to pick up your shirts, gloves and trash pickers. I will also make copies of the map to meet because the alleys are a little confusing.

We can make special arrangements if needed such as you don't get off of work until 8 pm...but please let me know ahead of time because I might leave for Date Night and I want to make sure I give you your stuff.

Half of the free shirts needed to be ordered so I cannot give them to you until Friday. I'll pick them up Friday morning, if you need to meet up another time as well.

Any questions, call me.

Girl Scout Ice Cream

Last night, the Juniors were interviewing me for one of their Badges and they asked what my favorite ice cream was....I hadn't ever thought about it. When I got home, I thought some more...and you know what....it defintely has to be Girl Scout Ice Cream...!

I love this stuff...!
The only problem is that it is seasonal like our cookies.
It only comes out from January until the end of April. So, go out and stock up on this sweet treat...!
You won't regret it...!
{And if you work for Dreyers, we could totally do a commercial on this deliciousness! Wink!}

Cookie Season Is Officially Over...!

Our very first Cookie Season is officially over...! Woo-Hoo...!
Great job everyone.

Thank you to Troop Leader Amanda for being the Cookie Chair this year.
Thank you to the parents, the girls and the community.
You all were completely and totally incredible...!
See you next year in January for Cookies...!
*But look for us in the Fall....... for Nuts and Candies.