Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer Luau...!

There is good news and bad news.
The Bad News is....Summer is over...! Vacation is over...!
The Good News is.....Girl Scout Meetings will be starting back up soon...!
Onward, to post our End Of Summer Luau pictures.
*BTW...our Patch for this event has a little Hawaiian Girl like the one up above...adorbs...!
We had a blast. With the cookie money, our troop had rented the public pool and had our own family night together. I really loved that night. It was a break from everything and just a nice get together.
Made these Nutter Butter Cookies for a Dessert.
I just love hanging out with my Girl Scout family.
We had dinner together, sat around and talked and swam.
Thank you families for ending a wonderful first year, summer and all....!

Friday, August 12, 2011


This Self Defense class had my girls talking about it forever....!
They had so much fun...! They are ready to kick some bad guy booty....!
I was really impressed by the instructor. The girls thoroughly enjoyed how he taught them. His techniques were easy to understand and to copy. They learned alot of different moves to use.
Tae Kwon Do Tigers also is giving a discount to all Girl Scouts and anyone that mentions Girl Scouts.
If I didn't recently move, I would have taken advantage of the costs and the learning experience...! If you are interested, they are truly nice people. Call them and sit in and see for yourselves how beneficial Tae Kwon Do is.
*Thank you also to Sandy for posting when my internet was down*