Sunday, April 22, 2012

Girls Summit.

We ventured out this weekend to the Naval Air Force Base in Lemoore.
The Juniors and Cadettes had an opportunity to take some conference type classes.
The classes they took ranged from Jewelry Making, Knitting, First Aid, Cooking Fun, Self Defense.
Amanda and I thought it would be a great opportunity for the girls.
 Lunch Time
 Some of our girls that went...!
It was a great experience for them...!
Totally worth my time :) 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Monster Golfing

I know this sounds insane....but whenever I go to Council Events, I look at people's Badges.
When I see one that I want to do, I scribble a note down somewhere on something in my purse.
I saw a Monster Golfing Patch one time on a group of Cadettes and thought...I so wanted to do that with my girls.
So.....I did...end of story.
Loved that bonding time alone with the Cadettes.
Super duper fun...!
Another one I saw was making Auntie Ann's Pretzels at the mall.....I really really want to learn to do that...oh I mean, have the girls experience that....wink! sometimes I live out things I want to do through my girls....don't judge! :)

Good News....Bad News....

So....we have Good News.....and we have Bad News.
I'll start with Good News first because I like to be Happy.
Good News is Early Bird Registration is coming up at our Award Ceremony May 1st.
Reserve your spot in our Troop for next year.
This will be our Third Year as a Troop and we are always filled. First come to those in our Troop as of right now and their family members.

Bad News is....the Council raised our Dues to $20 instead of $12.
My family for instance has to pay $60 because of my three girls.
Amanda will tell you how much you earned in Cookie Dollars and you can pay registration with that and then the difference with a check or cash.
This is just a head's up to be prepared. This fee has nothing to do with our Troop and money going into our account. This is your Membership Fees for being a Girl Scout in the Central California South Council.

*On another note: Bad News......For OUR Troop Account, there are some deliquancies on $2 Dues each meeting. You will get a slip saying how far you are behind. These $2 are what is paying for materials, badges, crafts, treats, etc. for each meeting. Things for your girls.
Good News.....if you have been paying your Dues, Good Job...!

* I hate to give bad news, but as a leader it needs to be done. If you have any questions or concerns, please call me. If I don't have an answer, I always refer to my GS Superiors. I have them on Speed Dial.

Cookie Season OVER....!

Cookie Season is officially over....!
Once again, our Troop sold the most in our Service Unit.
You families are amazing...!
 I got a chance to sit and talk with Amanda today about her ideas for next year....and they are super neat.
Thank you families for all your Selling Skills...!
The leaders have been contemplating one big trip for this summer.
We have also rented the Shafter Pool for our Family Luau/Pool Party again.

A BIG Thank You to Troop Leader Amanda for taking Charge of Nut and Cookie Sales.
It is so much work. The paperwork is tremendous. Plus, she does all of our work on time and correctly and we are rewarded the maximum amount per box because of her.
I also forgot to tell her THANK YOU for taking charge of the Birthday Bash.
It was successful and outstanding even in the midst of cookie sales.
We appreciate you Amanda....!

Mother-Daughter Tea

Mother-Daughter Tea
Sunday, May 20th
2:00 pm
Park Place
28144 Fresno Ave, Shafter

*Open to Friends and Family of Troop
*Only 100 Tickets Available {there are about 60 left now}
*$10 each Ticket {for both Adult and Child}
*Tickets are ONLY for sale at the last GS Meetings on April 10th & 17th and May 1st UNTIL they are SOLD OUT. I will NOT meeting any other time to sell them and ONLY GS may purchase them for others.
*Light Lunch and Tea will be served
*Wear your Sunday Best

I am so excited. Park Place so graciously is letting us host our event there. It is going to be so much fun. We will have games and raffles and crafts...! Trust me. You will love it....!
Any Questions: Please contact Troop Leader Carolen or Bobbi.

*When I say to contact those Leaders, it just means they are in charge of the event. However, all leaders can answer your questions about any event or point you in the right direction. They are amazing like that...! 

Community Service Project...!

April is Earth Day month.
It is very important to me to get the girls doing a Community Service Project for our community.
Last year, we did the Great American Cleanup in Bakersfield.
It was alot of fun, but I came out of that thinking....we should do something for our own little town. I wanted to start a cleanup of our own.
So, I started emailing City Council Members......that left me nowhere. Frantically, trying to get a Cleanup started for our town....I started asking around. Better idea.Word of mouth, face to face contact. Much better. Fortunately, I had help from a Mother in our Troop who knows everyone. She got City Council Members to call me. Hallelujah.
Instead of a Cleanup, the City Council Members decided upon our girls painting about 5 places in town.
They want to make sure our girls are safe and sound. One of the reasons, I love our small town so much....even the people in charge our shining examples.
I am waiting on a call back for the time and day of painting the Town and then we will get to work...!
So, I'm just exhausted thinking of how far back I started this adventure....but we are almost there. Almost.
I apologize for the date that I had scheduled on the calendar, but for now we are playing it by ear.
Thank you...!
*With a Servants Heart...Troop Leader Bobbi