Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Go Green! Bridging and Award Ceremony!

Our Troop is so into THEMES for each of our Ceremonies and Activities.
It's important that we pick a theme, so we can decorate..! {smiles}
We want to make it special for the girls...even if our events our in a school cafeteria.
You should see their faces at our events when they look around!
They love it....so we'll keep doing it.
This Bridging Ceremony, I opted for a Go Green Theme...we've been talking about Going Green all year.
Decorations are really inexpensive and easy.
I printed out pictures and a parent hung them up on ribbon with clothespins on the side of our ugly cafeteria wall...!
We didn't do Food...I think we were just burned out by the end of the year with all our school activities as well....next time though, we will have food. I'll just put a parent in charge of it...!
Made some newspaper flowers and put them into cans for decorations.
Just got Waters and made S'Mores Trail Mix for a Snack.
I made banners and signs out of Newspaper to Go Green.
The Bridge was made out of Pallets.
Green Balloons gave it a Girlier look.
We just spread the rest of the pictures I printed from Costco, out onto a table.
The girls got to take all the pictures of themselves home.
The badges were put into individual paper bags with cute green scrapbook paper with their names and Go Green stamps that I got out of the Dollar Bins at Michaels. Amanda finished them and they looked adorable...!
It was a great day for Bridging...!