Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Every {Vote} Counts!

Us leaders, were trying to teach the girls about Voting today.
We talked about what voting means, the older girls made commercials and campaigned.
We decided to have them vote on our upcoming Christmas Party.
It's going to be our badge ceremony as well, so we thought we should start collecting things.
 Amanda did a great job on the voting booths...!
 Serena being adorable and making a difference by voting....!
 Kenia getting her "I Voted" sticker!
 Our leaders voted for our favorites as well...!
Every vote counts...!
 I had to put this picture of Sandy. She's so cute..!
 The votes were counted...!
The results are in.....
Gingerbread Themed Christmas Party
Pizza for the Main Course
Secret Santa Gift Exchange
Aren't these ballots adorable?!
The girls had a fun time voting...!

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