Sunday, December 25, 2011

Badge/Patch Placement....!

My girls went to that Journey Workshop sponsored by another Troop {fliers were out a couple of meetings.}
With those new Journey's and all the Badges and Patches from our Award Ceremony, I really have no clue where each ones are placed now. I wanted to show you the NEW Placement of each ones in case you are having the same issues as me.

The "Pins" such as the "My Promise, My Faith" and the "Safety Award" and the "Cookie Sale Activity Pin" are ones that the girls achieve on their own at home. I know the Junior Leader gave a packet to each girl in which had information for the girls to complete those pins. If your leaders have not talked with you about achieving them at home and the requirements, please talk with them.
There is also another Journey Workshop coming up on Jan. 14... one for each of the girls to earn another Journey....sponsored by another Troop. Fliers will be out next meeting, if they were not out at Caroling...
Any questions on Badge/Patch Placement....text me...! 

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