Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cadette Campout.....

 This Spring Break the Cadettes got together at my house for an extra badge workshop campout...!
They earned their New Cuisines Badge.
First thing they had to do was make something that is normally bought. So they made some homemade salsa and chips for us to munch on while they cooked.
They had to cook an international dish. So, they made Thai Chicken and Leek Stew.
Next, they had to make something that is from another region of the country...Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches.
Lastly, the girls were supposed to make a recipe that has been in the family for generations. I had them make my grandma's pineapple dessert.
They did a craft before it got completely dark.
With bleach and paint, they made galaxy shirts.
 They also did their Public Speaking Badge while waiting for the Full Moon to come out.
They recited short stories, played charades, and did impressions of famous people.
For their Night Owl Badge, they needed to talk a walk around the neighborhood and compare their surroundings to those of the day time and how they feel.
They also needed to visit a store that is open 24 hours and see how they feel compared to in the daytime.
 They went to the store for a late night snack and to interview an employee about working night shift and how it affects her life.
They slept for about ten minutes before I woke them up...!
My sleep was so off for a few days afterwards.
It was a great night earning badges with the Cadettes....not to mention I got dinner out of the deal.
Thanks parents for picking them up so early so my family could get ready to go out of town. I appreciate you..!

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