Wednesday, April 3, 2013

SOOOOOO Random.....

Random Girl Scout Pictures....
 Journey Workshop at my house.
 Cadettes babysitting Leader's kiddos for a Babysitting Badge.
 Babysitters Club.
 Suzie making cupcakes.
 Our Norwegians...!
 Cupcake Time.
 Hershey Kiss Gnomes.
 Viking Hat Snack.
 First Aide Badge Snack.
 Juniors made us Dinner.
 Brownies at a Badge Workshop at Amanda's House.
 Badge Workshop Fun.
 Last meeting, Brownies and Daisies worked on planting veggies for Earth Day!
 Cadettes were working on Field Day Badge.
Scientific Obstacle. Using only tape and straws, they had to create a protective barrier around an egg so it doesn't crack.
Random pics.....random fun.

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